Top Dog Grooming is a Fort Myers pet grooming salon that will provide you with professional results with breed specific or functional cuts as well as therapeutic or maintenance bathing. We take pride in providing you with the individual needs your pet deserves.

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Grooming is an integral part of the overall health and well being of your pet. Coral Veterinary Clinic has incorporated professional grooming services in Top Dog Grooming. Skin problems can be greatly improved or resolved when our skilled groomers help your pet by applying medicated baths, shaving matted fur, or just keeping your pet in an appropriate style or cut. Even if your pet doesn’t require hair cutting we still offer full service medicated or maintenance bathing. If you encounter skin problems at home, or if they are encountered while being groomed you may request that one of the Veterinarians at Coral Veterinary Clinic evaluate and direct an appropriate treatment for your pet.